Friday, April 01, 2005

Satire Selection

I think Fridays are an excellent time to offer some satirical links, and what Friday could possibly be better than one that happens to coincide with April Fools Day? Originally my plan was to come up with some really imaginative pseudo-post today, but I'm suffering from a horrible bout of prankster's block. So, here are a few good ones from folks more imaginative than I am:

- PoliticsNJ reports that Bill Bradley, New Jersey's favorite former basketball star/Senator/presidential candidate will enter that state's Democratic primary, taking on current Senator Jon Corzine. "Asked why he wasn't satisfied with Corzine as his party's nominee, Bradley replied: 'Money can't repair politics,'" according to the report. "The development is sure to rock the state's political establishment. There's little Democratic insiders dread more than a contested gubernatorial primary, since it would force them to choose sides and risk alienating a future governor."

- We all knew Google was getting a little out of control (really, does anyone mind?), but Gmail's announcement this morning of their new "Infinity + 1" storage system for gmail users is far out, even for them! The graph alone is worth checking out though, very amusing. Probably won't stay up past Friday, sadly.

- The Bull Moose offers up a tremendous (and apparently exclusive) mea culpa from Tom DeLay, who at a meeting of conservative leaders this morning "acknowledged, 'The Republican Party has lost its way. We have violated all of the principles that made us a majority in 1994. The allure of power was simply overwhelming.'" Admitting error on behalf of the House Republican leadership and himself ("I am ashamed," Bull Moose quotes him as saying), DeLay concluded by saying "We have met the enemy and he is us."

- I'm not fully convinced yet that all the reports coming out of Albany that the legislature actually passed a budget on time for the first year since 1984 aren't really a very elaborate hoax as well. Actually the more I think about it, the more it makes sense that our state elected officials would spend a couple days thinking up a grand scheme to make it look like they did something, when really not-so-much. Time will have to tell on this one.


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