Monday, May 02, 2005

A Few Good Blog-Posts .... and One Shameless Plug

- Steve Clemons' blog, "The Washington Note", has been an indispensible resource for information on the Bolton nomination. While he opposes Bolton's confirmation, Steve has been incredibly careful to report on the important allegations made against Bolton without devolving into personal attacks against the man's character. Today, Steve began posting alternative candidates for the UN position: Rep. Heather Wilson, Fmr. Rep. Doug Bereuter, Fmr. Sen. Alan Simpson, Rita Hauser, Sen. Lamar Alexander, Fmr. Rep. Amo Houghton, Fmr. Trade Rep Carla Hills, and Richard Haass, head of the Council on Foreign Relations. Any or whom would be better than John Bolton.

- My centrist allies Alan Stewart Carl and Joe Weedon at The Yellow Line are going to be guests on the Subject2Discussion radio show this Wednesday at 9 p.m. EDT. You will be able to listen in here.

- The Moderate Voice's Joe Gandelman addresses Pat Robertson's 'comments' yesterday on "This Week" in "A Skunk Spraying inside the GOP Tent." "So," Gandelman writes, "Robertson now says our judges are in some ways worse than terrorists. Why? Because they don't rule the way HE wants. And Republicans (rightfully) complained about some of the verbal excesses of Michael Moore? What happens to a tent when a skunk sprays in the tent? The tent smells. And some people leave the tent." It's either that, or we pick up the tent and move it away from the skunk!

- And now the shameless plug. Over on Sunday Morning Talk, I have a guest post on Hagel's "Face the Nation" interview, which I also discuss here. Rory's got a great blog going over there, and I'm very honored to have been asked to contribute to it.


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