Friday, May 20, 2005

A Few Good Reads

- Filibusters are of course the big story again today, so I'll start with that: the Washington Post's Dan Balz offers a well-done analysis of the "Senate centrists" who are currently seeking a compromise on the nuclear option. "What is most remarkable about the dozen or so senators working to avert a historic showdown over President Bush's judicial nominees is their potential to control the Senate's destiny without the explicit blessing of their leadership or their party's most important constituencies," Balz writes.

He calls those involved with the negotiations "an eclectic group - moderates, centrists, mavericks and institutionalists - who have come together in the hope of preserving a working center in the Senate at a time when the political forces keep pulling politicians away from it." Yes, Mr. Balz, this is centrism in action, and if given the chance, it will provide a successful outcome to the current debate. Not successful, perhaps, for Tony Perkins and James Dobson; not successful, perhaps, for PFAW; not successful for Bill Frist and Rick Santorum; but successful in the long run for the Senate, both political parties, and the country. And isn't that what really matters?

Also from the Post, Charles Babington on the "Gang of Twelve". [Update: And from the Christian Science Monitor, "New dealmakers on Capitol Hill." -- 8:03 a.m.]

- Tim Golden's report in the New York Times on the deaths of two Afghan prisoners in American custody is absolutely heart-breaking.

- The Washington Times reports that the White House isn't wasting any time in preparing for a Supreme Court nomination battle ... and neither are the special interest groups.

- From the LA Times, Warren Vieth reports "How Bush Makes Sure They Agree". And you thought those "town hall meetings" were scripted before?! It almost seems like this one should be in the satire links down below, but no.

- It is a rare occasion when I agree with a Washington Times editorial piece, but today's "First Responders and the Pork Barrel" is a good argument in favor of risk-based homeland security funding, rather than the pork-greased variety.

The Senate meets today at 9:30 and will continue to debate the nomination of Priscilla Owen throughout the day. No votes are scheduled. Expect to hear mounds of [deserved] criticism of Rick Santorum's Hitler reference from yesterday.


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Simon said...

Sen. Cornyn, on behalf of Sen. Frist, just filed a cloture motion, with a vote to be held Tuesday.


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