Tuesday, May 24, 2005

In the Papers

In case you're feeling sleepy this morning and don't want to click all around the web to get your nuclear option media-frenzy-fix, I've collected some of the coverage:

- New York Times: Carl Hulse, "Bipartisan Agreement in Senate Averts a Showdown on Judges." Richard Stevenson, "A Modest Victory for Bush, but More Tests Lie Ahead" (analysis). Sheryl Gay Stolberg, "Efforts of 2 Respected Elders Bring Senate Back from Brink" (on the roles played by Senators Byrd and Warner on reaching the compromise).

- Washington Post: Charles Babington and Shailagh Murray, "A Last-Minute Deal on Judicial Nominees". Dan Balz, "Breakthrough Pact Unlikely to End Battle" (excellent analysis). "The Center Holds" (editorial). E.J. Dionne, "'Watch Those Guys'" (op/ed column).

- Los Angeles Times: Maura Reynolds and Richard Simon, "Senate Deal Reached on Filibusters." Richard Simon and Mary Curtius, "Conservative Groups Accuse Senators of Sellout." Janet Hook and Ron Brownstein, "A Center Forms to Outflank Left, Right" (analysis). "Alas, a Nuclear Freeze" (editorial).

- USA Today: Kathy Kiely and Jim Drinkard, "With deal struck, first judicial vote is due Tuesday." "Mixed Reviews" (compilation).

- Washington Times: Charles Hurt, "7 Republicans abandon GOP on filibusters."

- Boston Globe: Rick Klein, "Deal in Senate averts filibuster showdown." Peter Canellos, "The center holds clout" (analysis). Susan Milligan, "Frist on sidelines as moderates agree." Rick Klein and Susan Milligan, "As battle approached, both sides had dug in."

- Chicago Tribune: Jill Zuckman, "Filibuster deal surprises leadership." "Remember Priscilla Owen?" (editorial).

- The Hill: Geoff Earle, "Deal heads off nuclear option."


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