Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Bolton Announcement

Still awaiting word on what was said in the announced 10:30 presser with Frist and McCain concerning Bolton. CNN isn't airing the event. Will update as soon as I know something.

[Update: Sorry to update and still know nothing, but sadly the media is completely fixated on the Michael Jackson circus and no one, as far as I can tell, has yet mentioned the Bolton meeting. Ridiculous. Maybe nothing happened, maybe it's been delayed ... stay tuned. -- 11:24 a.m.]

[Update: Alright, well I know the meeting happened, since I just saw a clip of Frist and McCain discussing Gitmo (Frist saying it shouldn't be closed, McCain saying we need to move the judicial process forward and that we can't have detainees just there "in perpetuity"). If CNN showed anything about Bolton, I missed it. More to come. -- 11:42 a.m.]

[Update: Steve Clemons, who was "in the room" has just posted some 'teasers' from the Frist-McCain presser. He promises more on the Bolton thing, but notes as I did above that the Gitmo lines might be the big news out of this event. And - this is vintage McCain - Clemons notes that when McCain was asked why he was there talking about Bolton, the Arizonan replied "Because Bill Frist asked me too ...". Will update when more comes, but it doesn't seem that much big Bolton news that made. -- 11:58 a.m.]

[Update: More from Clemons here. The long and the short of it is, nothing's changed. Frist indicated that he might call for another cloture vote on Bolton sometime this week, and accused the Democrats of "moving the goalposts" (although it's not clear what he meant, since they've demanded nothing new since the last cloture vote so far as I can tell). I'll pass along any more quotes that seem relevant after I've had a chance to see a transcript of the event, but it doesn't look like much new went on. -- 1:18 p.m.]

[Update: The indispensable Clemons has more in the way of a transcript out from earlier. Still nothing earth-shattering: McCain saying look, I support Bolton, and I think the vote needs to move forward. He added, importantly, that he hoped negotiations between the Dems and the Administration would move forward and that some sort of a deal would be reached. He added (and this should quell discussions I've seen that proponents of Bolton will try to implement the nuclear option over his nomination) "I do not deny the Democrats their right to do this, I just hope that they would see their way clear in recognizing that this is a very important situation and a post that cannot remain unfilled." I of course disagree with McCain on the Bolton nomination, but I don't think that his position should be unexpected given his record of supporting presidential nominees in the past.

I don't expect that much more will come out of this story, but if it does, I'll update further. -- 2:34 p.m.]


At 3:55 PM, Blogger EG said...

I thought the Administration signaled to the Democrats to send a list of names again? I didn't understand what was behind that (was the list too long and looked like a phone book?).


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