Friday, June 24, 2005

Coming UnBoltoned?

There hasn't been too much published in the media over the past couple of days on the Bolton nomination, but in a new post Steve Clemons highlights a Reuters report from last night which quotes Senator Joe Biden as saying "If they don't have (the documents) by the end of the day, it's finished." A source close to Biden, according to Clemons, says the Biden quote is indicative of the senator's "assessment that the window for confirming Bolton is closing fast."

Clemons goes on to report in depth how negotiations regarding a possible compromise have proceeded over the past several days, including overtures from Majority Leader Bill Frist. He writes "Today is Friday - and if the materials are not received today, or at the latest on Monday, there will be no time for Senators to be able to interpret and assess the materials so that a vote can be held next week. Karl Rove is known for Friday 'close-of-business document dumps,' so there remains a possibility that the White House will provide something this evening. We just have to wait and see - though there is no evidence of movement by the White House - and no one on the Democratic side reports that a deal is anywhere near being reached."

The post is a good run-through of the current dynamics of the Bolton saga. As Friday afternoons often are, this one could get interesting.


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