Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Next Up

With Monday's Bolton-round over (live-blog of the debate/vote here, reaction here), what to watch for next on that front will be any statements from the White House indicating the likelihood of a recess appointment (more possible than any other option at this point), any further hemorrhaging of Republican/conservative support, and how the media spins today's results in the near-term.

While the Senate was discussing Bolton Monday, the House debated (and passed) the military appropriations bill for next year, and as the Washington Post reports, there was a period of high extremism brought on by some inflammatory remarks by Rep. John Hostettler. Quite an eye-rolling article, so typical of the overheated rhetoric we're seeing way too much of what passes for political discourse in America.

The Senate picks up work on the energy bill today at 9:45 a.m. There will be amendments offered and voted on throughout the day, possibly including key decisions on fuel efficiency and climate change. Some of these votes are going to be incredibly close and fascinating to watch, since senators are coming and going from Washington this week as they head back to their states to testify at regional hearings on base closures. We could see some vital decisions made this week without a full contingent in the Senate to vote on them. The House begins its session at 9 a.m., probably to consider additional spending bills.

Welcome to the first day of summer!

[Update: Some more of the days events include a meeting between President Bush and Vietnamese Prime Minister Phan Van Kai at the White House, and Joe Biden at a Brookings Institution panel on Iraq policy (2 p.m.). The House today will debate the 2006 Intelligence Authorization Act. Via EarlyBird, 9:14 a.m.]


At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Stygius said...

We need to be emphasizing Republican senators' discomfort with the recess appointment. The more quotes from guys like Allen and Roberts criticizing a recess appointment are floating around, the harder it will be for the White House to claim they were forced to do it by the Democrats.


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