Friday, July 01, 2005

Friday Satire

- Joe Gandelman has an excellent "real version" of President Bush's Iraq speech.

- Andy Borowitz reports on a increase in "axis of evil" dues, as well as the president's announcement of support for a newly-proposed "Dirty Air Act."

- In other action from the president, Scrappleface reports the redesignation of the Mexican border as a "junction."

- Also from Scrappleface, news that the Supreme Court, in a surprise post-session ruling, has held that the ten commandments "may be displayed on public land if that property has been seized from private owners for 'public purposes' under eminent domain."

- From the Swift Report, news of a diabolical endorsement for Hillary Clinton's 2008 election bid, as well as a commitment from President Bush to oppose gay marriage in Iraq, and a new study revealing that Americans don't even know six of the ten commandments.

- The Capitol Steps weigh in on the Bolton nomination (ram format), as does The Onion in "What Do You Think?"


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