Friday, September 23, 2005

The Daily Show and Capitol Hill

Michael Stickings over at TMV posted yesterday on an article in The Hill (here) outlining a few congressional responses to reporters' questions about "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (which as regular readers know is pretty much the only show I never miss). I knew these guys were out of touch, but I have to say I was pretty surprised that some of them claimed not to know about the show at all.

Of course many politicos of both parties are well in tune with Stewart, and his show has become a regular stop on the circuit for some, particularly those on book tours or 'permanent campaigns.' Biden and McCain are practically regulars there now, and always seem to enjoy themselves.

The best quote from the Hill piece though (as Wonkette also noted) is from (and about) South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, who said "'I love the Jon Stewart show,' adding that he’d like to appear but has never been asked."

Jon, call Lindsey - he'd make an excellent guest. And of course, keep up the good work.


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