Tuesday, November 01, 2005

McCain on Imus

Senator McCain got to play on one of his favorite media outlets yesterday, Don Imus' show. Here's the transcript - quite amusing in parts. McCain also discussed the Alito nomination, which section is excerpted here with a video link. Appropriately, McCain said that he would reserve judgment on the nomination until after the hearings, but stated his general philosophy when it comes to judicial appointments:

"I've always been favorably disposed toward a president's nominee. I voted for Justice Breyer and Justice Ginsberg because I think elections have consequences. I didn't share their political philosophy or judicial philosophy, so I'm certainly favorably disposed. But again, that's why we have hearings in the Judiciary. That's why we go through all the examination of people's record. I hope that we could get this thing done and get it behind us."

McCain added that the Gang of 14 will be meeting within the next few days to discuss the nomination, "and we'll try and see what everybody's temperature is. I would certainly like to avoid filibustering and blowing up the Senate."

I would too. As much as I may end up deciding that I wouldn't be able to support Alito's confirmation (and I have not at all concluded that), I haven't seen anything yet that indicates "extraordinary circumstances" could come into play here. That could well change as we move forward, but as of right now, I don't see Alito's as a "filibusterable" nomination.


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