Monday, February 27, 2006

Is '06 the New '94?

The Bull Moose thinks it just might be:

"The Moose suspects that the bottom could be about to fall out on the Republican Congress.

The events of the last couple of weeks are beginning to have a '94 feel to them. The Moose has always been somewhat skeptical that the Republicans could actually lose Congress. No longer. That doesn't mean that there is any guarantee that there is a wave building that will sweep the Democrats into power. But, its getting close. ...

And the kicker is that at least one poll shows that the Democrats edge the Republicans on national security! Global warming is evidently not an issue because hell has frozen over!

Of course, there is no certainty that the bottom will actually fall out on the GOP. It only looks that way. Campaigns matter. And Democrats should not suffer from irrational exuberance over the latest poll showing a new-found strength on national security. Democrats still suffer from severe vulnerabilities on that front.

However, Democrats should start thinking about how they would govern if lightning strikes and they gain control over one or both chambers. What are their ideas for governance?"

If the GOP wants to keep control of Congress after this fall's elections, it's time for a sharp change in course. If the Democrats can manage to run a halfway-competent campaign this year, I agree with the Moose - the chances are better than ever that the Donkey could control the circus tent.


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