Friday, February 17, 2006


- New 50-state governor approval ratings are out from SurveyUSA (via PoliticalWire). Connecticut's Jodi Rell (81% approval) and West Virginia's Joe Manchin (80%) top the pack, while Ohio's Bob Taft brings up the rear once again with a dismal 14% approval.

- Spitzer will face a primary challenge in the NY Gov race from Nassau County AG Tom Suozzi. Embattled Rep. Bob Ney has also gained a primary challenger.

- Dennis at NeoMugwump comments on the role of the black community in the debate over Darfur. He also points out what I think was a tremendously good show by US speed-skater Joey Cheek, who's donating his $25,000 gold medal bonus to an organization supporting Darfur refugees in Chad.

- Alan at Maverick Views has a whole slew of great posts, including "Another Reason to Get Rid of Earmarks," "The Military, the Universities, and the Polarization of America," and "The Purge." The last concerns the campaign against centrist Democrats by the left wing of the Democratic Party, which (inexplicably, given their current electoral state) is being kicked up a notch this year.

- The Bull Moose offers his support for one of those Dems (Joe Lieberman) being targeted by the far left.

- Joe Gandelman has an excellent post on the media's coverage of the Cheney shooting .


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