Friday, April 14, 2006


- The WaPo covers Linc Chafee's road to reelection (quite well). Also a piece from them on McCain's visit to Iowa that's worth taking a look at.

- Another retired general calls for Rummy's ouster.

- Via PoliticalWire, an AP report notes that federal spending hit $250 last month, up 13.7% from a year ago. While revenues were also up (10.6%), the month's deficit still totals a whopping record $85.5 billion ... and that's for March alone! The budget for this fiscal year (ending September 30) is currently projected by the administration to reach a record $423 billion. Fiscal responsibility, anyone?

- Joe Weedon's got a whole slew of great posts this week at The Middle of DC. I can't pick just one to highlight, so make sure you stop by there and read them all.

- Over at TMV, Joe Gandelman's got some thoughts on third parties.


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