Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Belated Reaction to Immigration Speech

I did watch Bush's speech on immigration the other night, and thought he did a credible job (although once again I'm sure the networks are annoyed since he was careful not to actually commit any actual news). I agree largely with the Bull Moose's take on the immigration question, particularly with the point that if immigration reform fails this year, it will be largely due to the "majority of the majority" rule the House leadership has stupidly saddled itself with.

As the Moose writes, "If the President's proposal is defeated, it will likely be because of opposition from Republican right in the House. This is a deeply ironic development. This Administration is base dependent and has largely shunned bi-partisanship. And now they are paying the price for this ideological parochialism."

I hope that the divide can be overcome and a comprehensive border security/immigration reform bill is still a possibility this year. While the political climate in Washington is defaulted to partisan (and intra-partisan) gridlock thanks to the fecklessness of this administration's tactics for the last six years, here's hoping it's not too late to get at least a little something accomplished.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Chesty said...

The other irony is that the Senate's version of the bill is more likely to pass if the GOP loses the House in November than if they retain control.


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