Friday, June 02, 2006

Corker Now Leads GOP Pack in TN

Centrist Republican Bob Corker, the former mayor of Chattanooga, has taken the lead over his two more conservative rivals (Van Hilleary and Ed Bryant) in the race for the Republican nomination in the Senate race to succeed 'retiring' Senator Bill Frist. In a new poll by Public Opinion Strategies, Corker comes up with 43% support, to 23% for Hilleary and 17% for Bryant (in January, it was Corker 12%, Hilleary 35%, Bryant 24% by the same pollsters). The Hotline notes that Corker has also managed to raise about twice as much money as Hilleary and Bryant combined.

Good news for the center, particularly since the eventual GOP nominee will face the fairly moderate Harold Ford, Jr. in the general election.


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