Monday, July 03, 2006

Key Days

Political writers seem to have (like me) taken a little mini-vacation this holiday weekend; the amount of Washington news in the papers yesterday and today seemed rather sparse (with the exception of this rather odd story in today's NYT on the Bush-McCain relationship). So I thought I would pass along one of the more interesting "Week in Review" pieces from yesterday: Adam Goodheart's "10 Days That Changed History". While I would have picked ten different days, these also make for interesting reading.

- Also, if you haven't gotten the chance to go over to Unity08 and sign their Declaration of Independence, don't forget to do so (if you're so inclined). They're more than halfway to their goal of 10,000 signatures, so keep them coming!


At 6:47 AM, Blogger RealRepublican1854 said...

An article that I'm not at all surprised has finally been written and I actually don't find the topic odd at all.

My opinion is that Bush/Rove are positioning McCain to be the GOP nominee in '08. While their differences and animosity are pretty big...I believe that Bush/Rove feel McCain is the only Republican who can win in '08, and better a Republican (even McCain) gets elected than a Democrat (especially Hillary).

Even more telling than the Wallace's whom Dowd wrote of getting in McCain's camp is that Mark McKinnon, Bush's PR man out of Texas the last two campaigns and for Governor before that, has hooked up with McCain's "Straight Talk" group and has made it clear that should McCain run, he's going to be working on the Senator's behalf. McKinnon could not make this move without Rove's say so...Rove will keep the Religious Right and NeoCons at bay in '08 and make sure they don't get in McCain's way, as he and the President know McCain is the GOP's only hope of keeping the WH. Such is the reason Rove was just put back in charge of politics after a failed stint in policy. He’s a political guru and will take care of the right wing of the GOP relative to smoke filled back room deals to get them either in line behind McCain or just keeping their pie holes shut.

At 9:16 PM, Blogger coachhollywood67 said...

Interesting article on the "10 days that changed history". I was particularly interested in the ways that history might have been different if the Feb. 15, 1933 assassination attempt on FDR had suceeded. This was in fact the very premise of science fiction writer Philip K. Dick's book "The Man in the High Castle", his famous alternate history sci fi novel that postulated a Garner presidency would have been disatrous for the country and the world in terms of our losing WW II.

While I always liked old cactus Jack and his plain spoken ways there is little doubt that he would not have been nearly as successful a president as FDR. Of course, I realize that even saying such makes me a definite RINO to some, especially those who aren't FDR fans.


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