Friday, August 11, 2006

Short Takes

- Juliet Eilperin has a good article in the Washington Post on a recent "flurry of action" by state and local governments to take steps toward reducing carbon emissions and fighting global warming. From international agreements to local standards, leaders below the federal level continue to take this issue seriously enough to act.

- Martin Peretz at TNR blog "The Plank" comments on the Lieberman-Bloomberg alliance. Also, Mark Kennedy [corrected, thanks Dennis!], the GOP senate candidate in Minnesota, has endorsed Lieberman's independent bid.

- Alan Stewart Carl is back from vacation and has, as always, some good posts up on Lieberman, terror alerts and more.

- Brian Keegan at Centerfield asks "Mommy, where do centrists come from?"


At 9:42 AM, Blogger Dennis Sanders said...


The GOP senatorial candidate in Minnesota is named Mark Kennedy.

Hope things are going well.


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