Tuesday, November 28, 2006

DoJ to Investigate Eavesdrop Scheme

After almost a year of prodding by Democrats and others concerned by the implications of the president's controversial and extra-constitutional domestic warrantless eavesdrop program, the Justice Department's inspector general announced Monday he is opening an investigation into some elements of the scheme.

Glenn Fine, the inspector general, wrote to members of Congress yesterday saying that his review of the program would "examine the controls in place at the Justice Department for the eavesdropping, the way information developed from it was used, and the department’s 'compliance with legal requirements governing the program,'" according to a report in today's NYTimes. The review will not be responsible for making a determination as to the program's legality, Fine said.

This is an important step forward, albeit months too late. When the new Congress comes in I'm sure there will be other investigations of the eavesdrop program, so we shall see where things go from here.


At 7:06 AM, Blogger AlanDownunder said...

One sincerely hopes there will, as you say, be other investigations. This one probably got a post-election green light (after its pre-election red light) because of its red herring value. Terms of reference bolster this suspicion.

Compromise is not a dirty word; but it will keep on losing its good name while ever this kind of cynical distraction is portrayed as compromise.


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