Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain Loses Hitchens

Another conservative Christopher for Obama: Christopher Hitchens writes in Slate that the McCain-Palin campaign has lost his support. And in true Hitchens fashion.


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Think it's possible that if Obama wins, and with a strong enough showing, that we may some day get the Republican Party back? Because pretty much the choice right now is go left, or go for the kooks (which is basically what Buckley said) It sure would be nice to have a real two party system.

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Channeling Barack Obama said...

"Republicans for Obama are still Republicans:

"Back in the 1860s, a new kind of 'Know-Nothing' American turned against Lincoln’s Anti-slavery Republican Party because of the Civil War. Instead of thinking seriously about political issues, these people categorically voted against Republicans. And thus, they voted for Democrats.

"About Republicans, the Know-Nothing Americans said: 'We ain’t gonna vote for that party never again!'

"And these Know-Nothing Americans did not vote for Republicans for the next one-hundred years....

"Then came 1964, and the Civil Rights Act. Putting aside what the Republicans had done in the War of Northern Aggression, the Know-Nothing Americans now turned against the Democrats. And by 1972, the Know-Nothing Americans had all moved back over to the Republican Party. They did not vote for Democrats for at least the next thirty-six years....

"About the Democratic Party, the Know-Nothing Americans said: 'We ain’t gonna vote for that party never again!'

"And since that time, the Republican Party has had to cater to the Know-Nothing Americans in order to win elections. It has been a high price to pay.....

"In the current presidential election, we see the extent of that cost: a good man, John McCain, has been sucked too far into the maelstrom of Know-Nothingness, in an effort which we hope will ultimately prove to be in vain.

"Meanwhile, some of the nation’s leading Conservatives and Republicans have come over to the Barack Obama side to vote.

"Rest assured, these good Republicans remain Republicans. Or at least, they remain Conservatives.

"Once this current anti-American situation passes, these good people will get back to fighting 'the good fight' for their Conservative ideals.

"The great national debate between Conservative ideals of responsible opportunity and Liberal ideals of responsible compassion will get back underway.

"As for the Know-Nothing Americans? If they lose enough elections, maybe they’ll decide to stop shooting first and asking questions later. Maybe they'll learn to put down their slogans and start to think."

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous locksmith mesa said...

I dunno which one is better...


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