Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cloture Achieved on Priscilla Owen

The Senate has just voted to end debate on the nomination of Priscilla Owen by an 81-18 margin. Democrats who voted against cloture: Feingold, Reed, Levin, Cantwell, Dayton, Lautenberg, Corzine, Dorgan, Murray, Boxer, Kennedy, Biden, Dodd, Sarbanes, Stabenow, Kerry, and Lincoln. The rest voted with the majority (one senator didn't vote).

[Update: Here's a CNN piece on the cloture vote and what comes next ... looks like there could be a vote on Owen's confirmation sometime this afternoon or evening. This also from the NYT, which notes that of the twenty-six Democrats who supported cloture, many will likely vote against Owen's confirmation in the final vote. The one senator who didn't vote on cloture was Democrat Daniel Inouye of Hawaii. -- 3:33 p.m.]

[Update: FOXNews reports this afternoon that the vote on Owen's confirmation will take place sometime on Wednesday. -- 4:35 p.m.]


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