Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fascinating Headline Divergence

The way media outlets are handling the outcome of today's Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting is quite remarkable [my thoughts on the meeting here]. I cannot remember another recent incident where the headlines from various organizations differed so markedly, some managing to leave out completely the important fact that the nomination is to be forwarded without committee recommendation (a very rare event).

The television news headlines are pretty similar:
- CNN: "Bolton Nomination Heads for Senate Vote"
- FOX News: "Bolton Nomination Sent to Full Senate" ("GOP sen. blasts UN nominee")
- ABC: "Nomination Sent for Vote"
- CBS: "Panel Sends Nomination to Full Senate"
- MSNBC: "On to the Senate" ("Bolton nomination norwarded with no recommendation")

Major newspapers, not so much:
- Washington Post: "Committee Sends Bolton Vote to Full Senate"
- New York Times: "Panel Declines to Recommend Bolton but Sends Vote to Senate"
- Los Angeles Times: "Battered Bolton is Headed for Senate Floor Vote"
- USA Today: "Bolton Vote heads to Senate" ("Divided panel declines to endorse nominee")

How about the wire services?
- Associated Press: "Voinovich Slams Bolton but OKs Senate Vote" & "Panel Sends Bolton Nomination to Senate" & "GOP Senator Breaks Ranks, Attacks Bolton"
- Reuters: "Senate committee advances Bolton as U.N. envoy"
- UPI: "Panel sends Bolton nomination to Senate"
- Bloomberg: "Bolton Nomination Sent to Senate Without Endorsement"
- Agence France Press: "UN Nominee Bolton Suffers Setback"

- NPR: "Bolton Vote to Proceed Without Recommendation"
- Voice of America: "Republican Senator Declines to Support Bolton"

Foreign Press
- BBC: "Bush Suffers Blow on UN Choice"
- Xinhua (China): "US Senate Committee sends Bolton nomination to full Senate"

At 6 p.m. EDT, Lou Dobbs on CNN called today's events a "significant victory" for the White House. He's the only one I've heard so far call it that!

If you find an interesting headline, feel free to contribute in the comments.


At 7:57 PM, Blogger Alan Stewart Carl said...

The original AP headline was "Voinovich Backs Bolton." They changed it not long after. But talk about misleading.

My favorite is the BBC's. Talk about gloating. NPR's is actually the most accurate.


At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Globe and Mail
Bolton given weak thumbs up

At 9:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CBC news
Bush suffers blow on choice of UN envoy


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