Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Energy Debate Updates

A Schumer second-degree amendment to a larger ethanol amendment (Schumer's would have removed some provisions) failed on a 69-28 vote. Once again, it was the northeasterners (and a few from the Far West) against the rest. The overall ethanol amendment is being debated now, with a vote to come.

[Update: Prior to a break for Senate party luncheons there will be a vote on the ethanol amendment; it doesn't look like there will be more votes this afternoon so that senators can attend the funeral of former Nebraska senator Jim Exon. I'll update with the roll call once it comes through. -- 11:58 a.m.]

[Update: Domenici's amendment, that will increase incentives for ethanol production and usage, passed 70-26. A very interesting 26, all sorts of regional and state interests at play in this vote. Apparently there won't be more votes this afternoon, but if anything exciting comes up in debate I'll try to pass it along. -- 1:31 p.m.]

[Update: Forbes has an excellent rundown of the Senate's morning action, discussing the ethanol provisions and their possible impact on gas prices, oil imports, and the environment. The article also notes that the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday tentatively agreed to $16 billion in tax incentives "that would give up to $2,400 to buyers of hybrid motor vehicles, subsidize the purchase of more efficient appliances and help pay for the development of clean coal technologies." Those proposals may be formally adopted as early as Thursday and then woven into the energy bill for consideration. -- 1:58 p.m.]

[Update: Senator Maria Cantwell (WA) has offered an amendment to require the president to take steps to decrease US dependence on foreign oil by 40% by 2025. The debate on this amendment will continue through the evening tonight, with a vote tomorrow. -- 4:40 p.m.]

For those of you I accidentally linked to this post, my response to Inhofe is here. Sorry.


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