Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Another very exciting day in the political arena (links are to some of my posts from earlier). The Senate made some progress on the energy bill, and will continue debating amendments through the day tomorrow. Domenici opted out of joining Bingaman in sponsoring a small-step climate change amendment, Hagel's baby step effort passed, and debate began on the McCain-Lieberman proposal.

Durbin apologized. 'Nuff said, let's get over it and move on.

Talk of a recess appointment for John Bolton continued to mount, bolstered by comments from Senator Frist to the effect that the Senate was done voting and the president would have to decide whether to appoint Bolton during a recess or withdraw his name. Then Frist gagged down a gigantic order of crow in the White House driveway (immediately after having eaten lunch inside), pulling a 180 to say there will be another cloture attempt in the Senate. Almost (but not quite) made me feel sorry for the poor Majority Leader. Rove went on "Hardball" and dutifully recited his own talking points (very well recited, but completely useless). So in the end, no real change except for some increased Republican and conservative resistance to the idea of a recess appointment.


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