Saturday, June 25, 2005

Sunday Show Guests

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld looks to match Rice's trifecta from last weekend on tomorrow's Sunday talk shows: he'll appearing on NBC's Meet the Press, Fox News Sunday, and ABC's This Week. Iraq, Gitmo, Osama and recruitment numbers will probably be the major topics of discussion.

Rumsfeld is Fox's only guest this week, although I'm sure they'll still have their round-table as well. The SecDef will be followed on NBC by U2's Bono, discussing current efforts to end global poverty. "This Week" will also feature former Nixon FBI Director L. Patrick Gray (because the Deep Throat story still hasn't passed its expiration date over at ABC, clearly), and a discussion panel with Fareed Zakaria, ABC's Martha Raddatz, and the ever-present George Will.

CBS' Face the Nation and CNN's Late Edition lost out on Rumsfeld, but I think their headliner, General John Abizaid, has the potential to make just as much, if not more, news. CNN will also feature Senator Carl Levin, the ranking Democrat on the Armed Services Committee (the only senator in the lineup this week!), Iraqi Prime Minister Ibraham al-Jafari, and Lebanese president Emile Lahoud. CBS has no other guests, but the Chicago Tribune's Jan Crawford Greenburg and CBS' Lara Logan will join Bob Schieffer in interviewing Abizaid.


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