Monday, July 25, 2005

A Few Links

Just a few things I've run across recently that I thought some of you might be interested in.

- Many of you may already read Political Wire, Taegan Goddard's great log of breaking political news and links (I am a frequent visitor). On Friday, Goddard unveiled The Cloakroom, a discussion forum site within Political Wire. I've registered and posted a few comments already, and so far it seems like a very good crowd of posters and discussions. Check it out.

- The nastiness from the right over McCain/Warner/Graham and their attempts to pass legislation governing our activities and Gitmo and other facilities began long ago, but this Mark Levin post at The Corner is particularly unpleasant. What The Yellow Line has to say is more our style.

- Over at TPM Cafe, Josh Marshall has started a "Book Club." His first guest this week is author Thomas Frank, discussing What's the Matter with Kansas.

- Charles at WeThePeople has a good post on yesterday's talk shows and the need for bloggers to keep calling out the truth.

- And don't forget, vote in Patrick Ruffini's '08 GOP straw poll. I would stop recommending this, but my competitive juices have kicked in since he's ranking the results by referring site (and we're doing very well!).


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