Sunday, July 24, 2005

Potts Watch: More Good Poll News

I commented extensively last night on a new Mason-Dixon poll covering the Virginia gubernatorial election this fall; some more of the results from that have been released in new media reports since then and I wanted to remark on a couple of those.

The Daily Press write-up of the poll results notes that 58% of respondents said that independent Russ Potts should be invited to future debates (he was excluded from the first exchange earlier this month). Only 18% said Potts should be excluded from the debates, while 24% are undecided.

That number is broken down by party in the Daily Progress: "Asked if Potts should be included in future debates with Kaine and Kilgore, 56 percent of Republicans said yes, 24 percent said no and 20 percent were not sure. Among Democrats, 60 percent said yes, 13 percent said no and 27 percent were not sure. Among independents, 59 percent wanted Potts included to 16 percent who said no and 25 percent not sure."

If nothing else, this poll shows strong support from Virginians for an open campaign with debates among all three candidates.


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