Friday, July 22, 2005

Daily Darfur: The Future

The final (and most depressing) installment of Eric Reeves' weeklong Darfur series at &c. is available here. In this post, he makes the case for international intervention to halt the genocide there, and concludes:

"[I]t is our obligation to say with conviction and understanding the most urgent truth: In the absence of humanitarian intervention Darfur's civilian population, as well as humanitarian workers, will be consigned to pervasive, deadly insecurity; displaced persons will remain trapped in camps that are hotbeds of disease; agricultural production will remain at a standstill, leaving millions of people dependent on international food assistance for the foreseeable future; aid workers will continue to fall prey to targeted and opportunistic violence.

In other words, the genocide in Darfur will continue. We could stop it. We have simply chosen not to


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