Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Redistricting Watch: How Exactly do you Gerrymander a Birthday Cake?

Just a brief update to a post from last night: I have on excellent authority that the birthday party for Elbridge Gerry went very well today (although I'm still disappointed that I wasn't able to make it down to D.C. for the festivities). Several cosponsors of the Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act were on hand to speak and partake, including author John Tanner and Republican Zach Wamp. Also present were FairVote chairman John Anderson and a representative from Common Cause.

I've gotten word tonight that Public Citizen has recently endorsed H.R. 2642, which is a welcome boost for the legislation. I'm still putting the finishing touches on my strategy to reach out to other centrist legislators on this; I'm hoping to have that ready within the next few weeks so that we can all start charging ahead with this important measure.

And in answer to my question from the title, here's how:

More photos here.

[Update: Also see this press release from Rep. Tanner's office, with more information and quotes. Best quote, from Tanner: "There was higher turnover in the Soviet Politburo, which does not bode well for our own political process. Many U.S. politicians no longer feel the need to work cooperatively with those in other parties. The political center - which is where most Americans find themselves aligned - is shrinking, paving the way for further polarized extremism." Major thanks to Tanner for talking the talk and walking the walk on centrism. -- 11:56 p.m.]

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