Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Today's WH Press Briefing

I just pulled up the C-SPAN2 feed of today's White House press briefing. It cannot be a good omen that McClellan has already called on the India Globe and Mail reporter and it's only twelve minutes in.

[Update: Some other questions seem to be creeping in today, but McClellan seems to be holding the line from yesterday on the Rove questions. John Roberts (CBS) has been jumping in repeatedly and McClellan says he's going to call on other people. I missed the first bit of the briefing by apparently McClellan was asked if the president continues to have confidence in Rove. The reply was "Any individual who works here at the White House has the president's confidence." -- 1:19 p.m.]

[Update: ThinkProgress notes that President Bush did not respond to a question at an earlier press event about whether he would fire Rove. -- 1:21 p.m.]

[Update: McClellan today is doing his best to steer clear (after the first round) of David Gregory, John Roberts, Bob Franken, Terry Moran, and Helen Thomas. Victoria Jones of Talk Radio asked some questions about Rove, which McClellan continued to slap down. In response to another question (from April Ryan of American Urban Radio), McClellan repeats that anyone working at the White House "and doing their job" has the confidence of the president. -- 1:24 p.m.]

[Update: Unlike yesterday we are getting a good balance of questions today between Rove and other topics, including much on the Supreme Court (more about that later). It seems, however, that McClellan's holding the line on the Rove questions is not going to placate those reporters who smell blood in the water over this. -- 1:31 p.m.]

[Update: As Phil notes in comments, it was indeed only Fox News (again, unlike yesterday) of the major networks who did not ask re: Rove. He asked about the Supreme Court nomination process. McClellan is now getting another question on Rove now, says that he would like to be able to talk more about it, but that he doesn't think it's a good idea right now. "It is nothing to do with whether or not I want to comment on things that were previously said ... there will be an appropriate time to do that ... that time is not now." -- 1:34 p.m.]

[Update: The briefing has concluded. I have to say, I guess I see some point in McClellan's not speaking out on certain aspects of this story since an investigation is ongoing - but there needs to be some reconciliation of their current stance with prior statements that were made about the matter. McClellan has not yet done that effectively, and that's going to be key if he wants to avoid more briefings like this. I'm sure video and transcripts of this briefing will be up soon; I'll post when I can. -- 1:36 p.m.]

[Update: ThinkProgress now has up the full transcript of today's briefing. -- 2:03 p.m.]

[Update: Wonkette's take. -- 2:45 p.m.]

[Update: Crooks and Liars will have video up shortly of today's briefing, as will the White House. All in all I think it was a slightly less feisty briefing than yesterday, which branched out from Rove appropriately. The billing it gets on tonight's network news shows will be worth noting, and I'll try to tune in. -- 2:59 p.m.]

[Update: More Rove stuff from the evening here. -- 7:39 p.m.]


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Phil S said...

Note that Carl Cameron of Fox News was the only major news or network correspondant that did NOT ask a question relating to Rove!! Helps keep the heat off poor Mr. McClellan!!


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