Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pot-Banging in Virginia

As the Virginia gubernatorial election draws nearer, with Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Jerry Kilgore still stuck in a virtual dead heat, independent Russ Potts is still chuggin' along at the back of the pack - he's talking sense, but it just doesn't seem to be catching much wind down in the Old Dominion. The campaign has, released its first television ad, a playful spot which will certainly at least get Potts' name out there for all who view it.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch has this to say about the ad: "Still in single digits in the published polls, Potts has to boost his name recognition. And that's what this clever ad is all about. Sure, it's noisy - much like Potts himself, but the commercial is designed to stand apart from the cookie-cutter stuff that passes for political advertising. The Potts spot is memorable. That's what it's supposed to be."

Check it out. You may laugh (I did) - but you'll remember the name.


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