Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Specter and Leahy: Miers Answers "Insufficient"

The chairman and ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee have sent a letter to the White House asking for more information from Harriett Miers, saying they consider the questionnaire submitted yesterday to be "insufficient," the AP reports. Leahy added "The comments I have heard range from incomplete to insulting."

Specter and Leahy also said they intend to request "non-privileged" information from the White House once additional answers to the questionnaire are received. Some of the areas they want more information on: "
her temporary Washington, D.C., bar suspension for nonpayment of dues and for her to double-check that she submitted all of her litigated work to the committee."

Once again, I think the whole country ought to be glad that we've got these two senators in charge of this process. Specter and Leahy are doing their job, and they're doing it well.


At 11:48 PM, Anonymous Stygius said...

I was thrilled to hear this on NPR today. Specter has really achieved some breathing space giving the wingnut meltdown. From the sound of how expansive their demand for followup info is, the senators have thrown down a HUGE gauntlet to the White House.

If they give in, the whole point of the stealth nominee collapses. If they don't, they are equally screwed.

Lovin' it.


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