Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sunday Show Guests

My guess is that Hurricane Wilma may intrude on the political talk shows this week, but here are the scheduled lineups, with Harriett Oh Harriett as the main topic of conversation on most of the gabfests.

This Week (ABC): Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean is the headliner (generally good for some outrageous statement or another). Rather inexplicably, actress Mira Sorvino is the other interviewee - apparently she's some kind of ambassador for Amnesty International. There will also be a roundtable with David Brooks, Donna Brazile, E.J. Dionne and George Will (whose column tomorrow is rumored to be a scorcher, by the way).

Face the Nation (CBS): Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Arlen Specter and committee member Dianne Feinstein will be on to discuss the Miers nomination. Then former House speaker Newt Gingrich will appear, to talk, undoubtedly, about anything and everything.

Meet the Press (NBC): Senator George Allen (R-VA) will discuss Iraq and other things, including Miers; Senators Hutchison and Schumer will discuss Miers and presumably some DeLay-related goodies. Russert will roundtable with Frank Rich, Stephen Hayes of the Weekly Standard, and George Packer from the New Yorker.

Fox News Sunday: Senators Pat Leahy and Sam Brownback will discuss the Miers nomination.

Late Edition (CNN): Florida senator Bill Nelson, Red Cross president Marty Evans, and Fort Myers mayor Jim Humphrey will discuss the incoming Hurricane Wilma. Then former law enforcement guys Lanny Davis and Dick Thornburgh will discuss the Plame Name Game.


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