Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day

There are important races and ballot initiatives at stake all around the country today. Here are a few of them:

New Jersey - The race for governor here has grown increasingly disgusting in the last week or so, with Republican Doug Forrester and Democrat Jon Corzine duking it out in a typical New Jersey mud-fest, each spending nearly $1 million a day on television ads. If Corzine wins, he will get to pick his own successor to replace him in the Senate.

Virginia - This gubernatorial race has been nasty from the get-go, and is also awash in ridiculously high amounts of campaign spending. President Bush visited the state yesterday to campaign for Republican Jerry Kilgore, who's running against Democrat Tim Kaine and indepedent Russ Potts. Unfortunately for centrism, Potts' message never managed to catch fire in Virginia, so unless voters unleash an upset like no other today, Kaine or Kilgore seems likely to pull it out. This is a close race, definitely one to watch.

California - There are a whole slew of ballot initiatives (eight, total) up in the Golden State today, four of them sponsored and managed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. One of those is the redistricting measure, which I (half)-heartily endorse as better than nothing.

Ohio - Five ballot measures go to the voters today including another redistricting proposal (which I have serious issues with), turning control of elections over to a nonpartisan board of elections, and a couple ballot access/camaign finance issues.

Texas - A constitutional amendment is on the ballot that would prohibit same-sex marriage. If it passes as expected, Texas becomes the 19th state with such an amendment.

Maine - Voters will decide whether to accept a state law which prohibits discrimination in housing and employment based on sexual orientation.

New York City - The only question here today is just how big Mayor Bloomberg's margin of victory will be.

Boston - Ditto, basically, for incumbent Mayor Tom Menino.

Hotline On Call has good links for election night coverage and poll results. Not as exciting as next year's races will be, but certainly the governor's races the Arnold-initiatives will be worth keeping an eye on. Of course, if you live in these places (or other places, there are many more races that I didn't mention this morning), please vote if you can.


At 8:45 AM, Blogger Carol Gee said...

I appreciate the excellent summary!
I have been doing a considerable amount of election posting. It is so important for people to get excited about our opportunities to make a difference. Yes, my vote will make a difference.


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