Sunday, November 06, 2005

Who Will Lead?

The Washington Post reports this morning on something that polls have been showing for quite some time now - that, given a half-alive opposition and continued problems, Republicans are in very bad shape going into next year's midterm elections. The problems don't seem all that likely to disappear anytime soon. However, the Democrats just haven't started pulling their weight yet as a credible alternative, polls indicate.

In the newest WaPo/ABC News poll, just 35% say they approve of the job Republicans in Congress; only 6% more, 41%, approve of the Democrats. While surveys indicate that as of now, voters would prefer that Democrats take control of Congress after next year's election, serious doubt remains over the Democrats' ability to govern (conversely, we know all too well how the Republicans have done for the last five years).

Who will step up? Will the Democrats get their act together, develop a decent opposition strategy, and lead the way? Or will they continue their ad hoc tactics and keep just stumbling along? Has the time come for the formation of a grand coalition of sensible people from both parties - and beyond - to emerge and demand decent government and an end to the current ridiculousness?

Something's got to give.


At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree it is time for middle america to start a moderate party that has no allegience to the left or right wings. Unfortunately, the way politics are set up, it is almost impossible for a third party to form, yet even get their people on the ballot. Until this is changed, a third party will never be a viable option. Unless or until the democrats and republicans lose control of the process, a third party is never going to happen. I love your blog, it is about time for sensible americans to have a place to come and read news and not propoganda.

At 2:46 AM, Blogger RealRepublican1854 said...

I would never trust a WP/ABC poll...bastions of the left and more than likely polled leftists.


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