Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Short Takes

A few things not to miss this morning (although I probably missed some myself):

- Dana Priest's long article in the WaPo providing some details on CIA-held detainees around the world and the ongoing debate about their treatment. This mirrors somewhat my post from last night about the arguments going in regarding those detainees held by the Pentagon.

- Another story about Tom DeLay's refusal to get out of the way and let the House get on with its business, with some on-the-record quotes from Republican rank and filers who are sick of him sticking his indicted nose into the leadership..

- Dana Milbank's write-up of yesterday's senatorial freak-out by Bill Frist after he got blindsided by Harry Reid's deployment of Rule XXI.

- A CSM piece on Judge Alito's "nuanced" views concerning abortion rights in the cases he's been involved with while on the circuit court. Also on Alito, this LATimes piece on some of his liberal supporters is well worth a perusal.


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