Sunday, November 27, 2005

Short Takes

- First, I want to note the retirement announcement from Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-AZ), a leading House centrist. Mathew at Centerfield posted on this, and I'd like to join his comments. Kolbe's wisdom and moderation will be missed.

- This isn't new, but Sheryl Gay Stolberg in the NYTimes reports (again) on Trent Lott's desire to weasel his way back into the Senate leadership structure after the departure of one Dr. Bill Frist next year. I will oppose any such maneuver, partly because I still don't think he deserves a position of responsibility within the party and partly because I think he is more free to speak his mind (and he's not always wrong) from outside the leadership.

- Also in the Times, a decent look at the state of the ever-more-contentious relationship between the Republican and Conservative parties in New York. Nothing could be better for the state GOP than to end their recent alliance with the Conservatives - they might even be able to field a candidate who could win statewide!


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