Tuesday, February 28, 2006


- The CSM's Peter Grier has an excellent piece discussing the ongoing debate in Congress over the NSA wiretap program.

- Also from the CSM, Warren Richey provides background on today's Supreme Court arguments in the Texas redistricting case.

- Linda Greenhouse has a roundup from the Supreme Court's oral argument on the Vermont campaign finance case.

- Alan Stewart Carl, posting at Donklephant, has a good post on what life might look like in a post-Roe world.

- Chris Cillizza, writing at WaPo's "The Fix" blog, suggests that John McCain is already the "man to beat" in the '08 South Carolina primary.

- Joe Gandelman highlights an important new Hill op/ed on wiretaps by Senator Jay Rockefeller, and has another great post discussing twin "The GOP is Running from Bush" stories today in the WaPo and the WaTimes.

- Michael Reynolds points out an NYTimes essay that I missed yesterday, by a former Army interrogator in Iraq.


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