Tuesday, July 11, 2006

McCain Profiled in Esquire

Hotline on Call has some interesting excerpts from an upcoming Esquire cover profile of Senator John McCain.

Just a couple of them:

"I understand the frustrations a lot of Republicans feel. We're not representing their hopes and dreams and aspirations. We worry about Ms. Schiavo before we worry about balancing the budget. We're going to take up this Family Marriage Amendment again. Why? The Republicans will vote one way, and the Democrats will vote another, and everybody knows it! It's pointless. I've never seen Washington as polarized as it is today."

"I urge my friends who complain about the influence of the religious Right, get out there and get busy. That's what they do! Now, if we believe in the Republican party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, the big-tent party, then we have to get out there and show that. The fact is, some of us have sat idly by while those very active people have basically set the agenda for our party. I get attacked everyday because I'm working with Ted Kennedy. How can I work with Kennedy? Because I want to get something done."

[An interesting update to this: PoliticalWire reports on a new Rasmussen poll which has McCain running in statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton and Al Gore (44% McCain-43% Clinton or Gore) ... in Massachusetts! In comparison, Giuliani has slightly less support (50-42% Clinton-Giuliani; 50-41% Gore-Giuliani). It's a small sample (only 500), but still ... wow.]


At 8:21 AM, Blogger Cowells said...

Yikes; I like what he's saying but that's a bad omen if he wants to win a primary. What happened to making peace with the right wing?

At 4:02 PM, Blogger RealRepublican1854 said...

I don't think that peace with the right wing needs to be made. I honestly think that Bush/Rove have determined McCain will be the GOP nominee as they rightfully so see him as the only Republican who can keep the WH in GOP hands, disagreements aside.

With that said, it will be Rove's duty over the course of the next 18 months to sit on the right wing, keep them at bay, drill it into them that a McCain presidency is better than a Democrat running the show.

I think that the right wing will sit back, take it for what it's worth, and allow McCain to be the nominee, thus propelling him into the Oval Office.

What say you?

At 7:20 AM, Blogger coachhollywood67 said...

I wish I had your optimism realrepublican1854, but I'm afraid that the right wing of the party would self destruct or sit home in droves before they would sit quietly or go all out for either McCain or Guliani. I hope I'm wrong, as those are my top two choices for 2008, but the way the right wing of the GOP has dug in their heels on immigration doesn't bode well to me, in terms of the chances that they'll compromise in any way.


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