Monday, August 14, 2006

Another Pair

I think we're going to be seeing quite a few of these articles in the next couple months, but two more today discussing the future of centrism in Congress are once again worth reading.

In the Christian Science Monitor, Linda Feldmann questions whether the partisan split on the Hill will deepen after this fall's elections. She suggests "Ultimately, the future of 'centrism' in the Senate is not in as much peril as it is in the House," but of course the departure of any of the few centrists in either chamber would have a big impact. She does note the possibility that some centrists could actually win seats this fall: Bob Casey in PA, Harold Ford Jr. in TN (and I would add Bob Corker, Ford's Republican rival, to that list).

And over in the Washington Post, Jim VandeHei profiles the plight of the northeastern Republican. I like this one because not only does it discuss my home district (NY-24) in decent depth but it also features a quote from a former classmate of mine at Union who left to work for Hillary Clinton's office and is currently assisting with a House race in PA. VandeHei's discussion of the issues and the way these races are being run is quite on target.


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