Thursday, November 02, 2006

Perfectly Clear

The President's words yesterday say it all. If you had any lingering hopes that this Administration and its leader have learned any lessons from their mistakes in Iraq and beyond (far, far beyond), you may now freely abandon them. In an interview with wire service reporters, Bush praised his Veep and SecDef, saying "both those men are doing fantastic jobs, and I strongly support them." "When he was asked whether he wanted them to remain until the end of his term, he said yes," the LATimes reports.

Cheney and Rumsfeld = fantastic jobs? Not from where I sit.

If you still had doubts about who to vote for in the upcoming election, Bush's words should clear it up. Leaving Congress in the hands of the GOP for another two years will get us a great big heaping order of "more of the same." Should the Democrats control the House and/or the Senate, it's true that the Administration probably still won't change its stripes ... but at least we won't have a rubber-stamp Congress.

The choice, to me at least, is more clear now than it ever was.


At 11:25 AM, Blogger Guy Barry said...

I think iraq was a mistake and now reaping the consequences.I hope this lesson will be learnt
Live & Learn

At 9:56 AM, Blogger The Truffle said...

When Bush says Cheney and Rummy are doing "fantastic jobs," what he really means is this: "Unca Dick and Unca Don know where the bodies are buried and they'll get really mad and start saying mean things about me if I fire them."


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