Sunday, May 08, 2005

Shays in NYT Magazine

Deborah Solomon interviews Republican moderate Chris Shays in today's New York Times Magazine.

Some of the key exchanges:

"Q. How did a longtime Republican congressman from Connecticut wind up being such a vocal critic of his own party? You seem to relish your new role as a G.O.P. contrarian.

Shays: The Republican Party does seem lost. The party of Abraham Lincoln is in danger of becoming the party of the church. ...

Q. Do you find it hard to remain loyal to a party that has banished you to the sidelines?

Shays: I'll never be House speaker, and I'm not chairman of the Government Reform Committee. It's a personal disappointment. ..."

Unfortunately the interview didn't allow for anything more than short soundbites - it could have been much more enlightening and useful had Shays been able to actually discuss any real issues in depth.


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