Sunday, May 22, 2005

Where Things Stand

I'll post a little later on my trip yesterday and some lessons I learned, but this morning I wanted to provide some of the worth-reading articles I found in the papers.

Nuclear Option: The LA Times has an interesting look at Bush's involvement/non-involvement in the debate over changing Senate rules. Carl Hulse in the New York Times examines how nobody really seems to be winning politically from the continued gridlock. Jeffrey Rosen discusses "the point of no return."

Prisoner Abuses: The NYT runs the second part of this story regarding the response to deaths of American-held prisoners in Afghanistan.

Bush Urging National Service: The NYT and WP cover a commencement speech by President Bush at Calvin College in Michigan, where he urged students to volunteer in their communities.

Commentary: Frank Rich on the Newsweek business is interesting. David Brooks on the Senate centrists is obnoxious, but I agree with his basic point - there ought to be a way to reach a compromise here.


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