Thursday, June 09, 2005

Continued Discussion on Centrism

I've really been enjoying the past couple of days, with another post or column or article appearing about every three hours discussing some aspect of centrism or moderate politics. It's great, and I really hope the pace keeps up! Here are some of those I've noticed recently.

- Jack Grant has a corollary to yesterday's "What is a Moderate?" discussion, making a distinction between 'Centrist' and 'moderate'.

- Dennis at The Moderate Republican yesterday offered an excellent Part One of his "Moderate Republican Manifesto", and this morning posted "An open letter to Democrats from a concered Republican."

- Marshall Wittman offers some very useful tips to Democrats seeking to bring independents and moderates into their camp. Hint: this isn't one of them.

[Update: Dennis has posted Part Two of the "Moderate Republican Manifesto." -- 11:35 p.m.]


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