Wednesday, June 08, 2005

WSJ to Brownback: Let Finley Through

The Wall Street Journal editorial page today joins others in calling for Kansas Senator Sam Brownback to release his "hold" on the nomination of Julie Finley to be ambassador to the OSCE. Via ABC's The Note, the WSJ writes:

"[T]he Senator is angling to impress the GOP's anti-abortion wing, whose support he will want if he decides to run for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2008. Yes, Ms. Finley is a pro-choice Republican, but she's also one of the party's biggest financial contributors and has backed pro-life candidates, such as President Bush and Bob Dole.

Last time we checked, it required a coalition to sustain a political majority, and Ms. Finley is being nominated for what is basically a security (not a social policy) post. Republicans don't want to become the mirror image of those Democrats who blocked Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey from speaking at their convention in 1988 because he was pro-life."

No, we don't.


At 11:03 AM, Blogger Heiuan said...

Stupid...the entire process of putting holds on nominations because of unrelated things.

In my mind, the only valid reasons to put a hold on a nomination are: a) background investigation turns up possible criminal behavior or activity or b) The nominee is unqualified to hold the position by reasons of previous experience, training or education.

If Finley is qualified to hold the position as ambassador to OSCE, then why the hell should her stance on choice be the deciding factor?

I say again, stupid.


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