Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A Few Good Reads

Some of the notable things I've read today from around the blogosphere:

- The Bull Moose, Common Sense Desk, and The Yellow Line discuss what President Bush should talk about in tonight's speech (my own thoughts here). Also, if you haven't been keeping up with The Yellow Line's Iraq debate series, check this out.

- The Moderate Voice examines the possibility of a Jeb Bush run in '08.

- In twin posts today (here and here) Steve Clemons updates us on Bolton, noting that Frist filed no cloture petition this morning - which in all likelihood means there will be no new cloture attempt this week- and also makes the case (again) in opposition to a recess appointment.

- Take a look at this interesting thread over at TPM Cafe: I started it by asking other readers there to link to their own blogs and describe them a bit. It's made for a very interesting cross-section.

- At Centerfield, Mathew has an excellent post about John Edwards, and this post from Rick Heller a few days ago, "Define Centrist" attracted some great responses and debate.

[Update: Not from the blogosphere, but being linked extensively today, is this "guest viewpoint" from the Eugene, OR Register Guard. It's by a defecting Republican ... and I have to say, he makes a pretty good case. -- 5:46 p.m. Dennis at The Moderate Republican has more on this essay, very well done. -- 7:02 p.m.]


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