Friday, June 03, 2005

Sudanese Government & Darfur

The Washington Post editorializes today on Darfur, and the way the Sudanese government has spun the genocide there to deflect blame from its own responsibility for the attacks. The Post notes "The idea that Darfur's crisis is not really the government's fault has never fit the facts," citing various cases of government involvement in the atrocities and the international (lack of)response to them.

Here's the final paragraph: "On Wednesday President Bush called the Darfur killings 'genocide,' a description that implies some moral obligation on the part of the United States to act to stop the killing. But his administration has yet to improve on the schizophrenic pressure-cum-cooperation approach of the past year, in part because it is hemmed in by the world's indifference. China courts Sudan because of its oil. Russia seeks to sell arms to Sudan. Egypt and other Muslim states appear unmoved by the killing of Darfur's Muslim people. The diplomatic challenge for the United States is to persuade these partners to see Sudan's government for what it is: the problem, not the solution."

Is the Bush Adminstration up to that challenge?


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