Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sunday Show Guests

Here's what tomorrow's Sunday talk show lineup looks like:

The show to watch will be NBC's Meet the Press, which features Arizona's Senator John McCain for the hour. He might make news on just about any question he's asked, but watch specifically for comments on the Bolton nomination, Gitmo, Uzbekistan, Iranian elections, the energy bill/climate change proposals, and of course 2008. This will be a must-see for political junkies tomorrow morning.

Senator Joe Biden headlines over at CBS' Face the Nation - does he ever take a Sunday morning off? He'll talk about Iraq, Gitmo, Bolton, and probably Dick Durbin's comments from last week, as well as the obligatory '08 stuff. Karen Tumulty of Time joins in the questioning.

Secretary of State Condi Rice looks for the trifecta this week; she'll be on ABC's This Week, Fox News Sunday, and CNN's Late Edition. From her, look for news on the Israeli/Palestinian peace process, Iranian elections, Iraq, the House's UN stunt from Friday, and Bolton. It will be interesting to see if she gets asked about Uzbekistan by anybody (there's a chance, but it's slim).

Connecticut senator Chris Dodd will also be on This Week (Bolton, Gitmo, etc.), along with Father's Day tribute duo Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno and his son Capt. Anthony Odierno. Stephanopoulos' roundtable will feature George Will, Time's Michael Duffy, and Katrina vanden Heuvel of The Nation.

Along with Rice, Fox News Sunday will host Newt Gingrich and George Mitchell of UN-reform-report fame - watch for comments on the House's dues-withholding measure. The roundtable over there will be made up of Brit Hume, Nina Easton of The Boston Globe, Bill Kristol, and Juan Williams.

The lineup for Late Edition includes Reps. Jane Harman and Curt Weldon to discuss intelligence and military issues, along with George Mitchell and former UN Ambassador Thomas Pickering on the UN reform report. Watch for anything on John Bolton from Pickering, who has, as far as I can tell, not expressed official support or opposition yet.


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