Thursday, July 07, 2005

Clemons: Bolton Nomination "Withering"

Steve Clemons' new post tonight (here) on the Bolton nomination is a must-read (if you're interested in the Bolton business, obviously. He says that nothing is coming out of the White House indicating what, if any, strategy they're going to take in the coming days and weeks: "The silence on Bolton is deafening. It's loud. There is no more bashing of the Democrats who are calling for the documents. None of the fireworks that could be expected if the White House was making the case for a recess appointment are occurring."

Most interesting.

Also from today, check out this piece in the Washington Post, a profile of Anne Patterson, the current Acting Ambassador at the United Nations. Maybe not, in the end, a bad choice to take the job permanently.


At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even the worst deeds can (albeit totally unintentionally) have some beneficial side effects. One of them for the bombings in London may be to allow the Bolton nomination to quietly fade away -- the distraction factor may allow the Bush administration to let it go without worrying that they will seem "weak." Let us hope.


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