Thursday, July 14, 2005

SCOTUS Watch: Rehnquist NOT Retiring

Just in from the Associated Press: Chief Justice Rehnquist is not retiring from the Supreme Court. He said in a statement, "I want to put to rest the speculation and unfounded rumors of my imminent retirement. I am not about to announce my retirement. I will continue to perform my duties as chief justice as long as my health permits."

[Update: A few thoughts on this. I had not yet drawn a conclusion as to whether one vacancy or two at the moment was better or worse for centrism - I guess this means I won't have to complete my thought processes on that, at least for the time being. Now the focus is on one replacement, for Justice O'Connor, and I have to say the pressure rises (to a degree) on the president to pick a judge in the conservative mainstream and not from the activist far-right.

Added word from the White House tonight: spokesman Scott McClellan said "The chief justice is doing an outstanding job, and we are pleased he will continue his great service to the nation."

And finally ... Bob Novak, you owe somebody a dollar. Still. Better yet, a retirement. How about your own? -- 10:01 p.m.]


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Phil S said...

Was just about to link that to you.
Looks like he wants to prevent Bush from having the extra nomination???


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