Thursday, July 14, 2005

Trouble for Centrism in Michigan

Don't miss this article in The Hill today, covering a move by the Michigan GOP to bar Democrats and independents from voting in the Republican presidential primaries there in 2008. The state party chairman has established a commission to devise a new system for the next round of primaries, which could mean a switch to caucuses or a nominating convention - methods much more favorable to conservative and/or party-apparatus-backed candidates.

Such a move, if it occurs, will be unfortunate for centrist politics in general, and for Michigan particularly, where independents have so far been able to exercise their voices in presidential primaries (an ability they don't have in many states, but should). I hope that this effort results not in a change, but in a re-affirmation of the current open primary system.

Joe at The Yellow Line has more on this. Tip also to Political Wire.


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